Insulation parts excl. baffle plate

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Product Information

Set of insulation parts in vermiculite which is a natural material. The insulation parts are used to insulate the combustion chamber, ensure a high combustion temperature, and protect the stove against overheating.

The insulation parts need to be changed, when cracks of more than 5 mm in width appear, or when they are worn down to half thickness. You can easily replace the parts yourself; find the manual under “Properties”.

Please note that the baffle plate needs to be bought separately. Find the baffle plate here.

Fits the following models: Aduro 9, Aduro 9 Air, Aduro 9.3, Aduro 9.4, Aduro 9.5, Aduro 9.6, Aduro 9.7, Aduro 9.3 Lux, Aduro 9.5 Lux, Aduro 9.7 Lux


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