About Aduro

www.aduroshop.com is an online shop with spare parts for wood burning stoves, hybrid stoves and pellet stoves. In the shop you will also find accessories and outdoor products. You will only find original spare parts in the shop. For many years, Aduro has been specializing in developing high technological stoves with the most modern and advanced combustion principles and more than 400,000 Aduro stoves are installed all over Europe. Read more about Aduro here.

10-year spare part availability

When buying an Aduro wood burning stove, an Aduro Hybrid stove or an Aduro Pellet stove, you are guaranteed that original spare parts will be available for a minimum of 10 years. Only original spare parts may be used for your Aduro stove. Any unauthorised change of the stove is prohibited, as the stove then no longer meets the approved specifications. If you are unsure which stove you purchased, you can see it on the rating plate located on the back of the stove. On the Hybrid stove, the rating plate is located at the inside of the bottom front door. 

For some wood burning stoves, the rating plate is located on the inside of the leg (applies for Aduro 13 and 13.1) or underneath the stove (applies for Aduro 9.4 and 15.3).