About us

Who is Aduro?

Aduro develops, produces, and markets wood-, pellet- and hybrid stoves. With over 450.000 Aduro stoves sold across Europe, we are one of the five biggest European stove manufacturers. We specialize in developing modern stoves in a Scandinavian design with high-tech and easy-to-use combustion principles. Innovation is in our DNA and our innovative approach has led to patents on several products. It is our vision to continue to challenge the market with products that combine high quality, stylish aesthetics, and attractive prices.

Design by Danish architects

The design matters. That is why all our stoves, and most of our accessories, are designed by Danish architects in collaboration with Aduro’s product developers. We design products in line with the current trends, market needs, and your wishes and needs as users of the products.

Quality materials

We prioritize high quality in our products to secure a long service life. To produce our stoves, we use strong sheet iron, ceramic glass, grates and fire caves in cast iron, and highly insulating baffles plates in vermiculite.

Sustainable initiatives

We value sustainable initiatives. That is why we choose materials, that can be reused after deposit. Likewise, we reuse metal scraps and plastic waste in our own production for some of our smaller products. You can read more about Aduro’s sustainable initiatives here.

10-year warranty on delivery of spare parts

When you take good care of your stove and follow the instructions for cleaning and maintenance, the stove will be functional for up to 20 years. Therefore, a spare part replacement is necessary from time to time. We offer all the original spare parts, you need and promise a 10-year warranty on delivery of spare part for your Aduro wood-, pellet- and hybrid stove (Asgård series excepted).

Efficient combustion

It is our ambition to develop innovative heat sources – now, and in the future. We have already improved the combustion principles in our stoves, developed automatic dampers, and connected our pellet- and hybrid stoves with apps, that allows you to see and control the combustion. We have also developed several accessories to make it easy for you to fire correctly including Aduro DraftOptimizer, Aduro Smart Response and Aduro fresh air kit.

All Aduro stoves are environmentally certified with EcoDesign 2022 and in 2018 Aduro hybrid stove won the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment for most sustainable product.