Aduro DraftOptimizer, black

Aduro DraftOptimizer creates a natural draught in the chimney by elevating the smoke in the chimney and diluting it. This secures a good draught in the chimney no matter the weather. Outside, the smoke and smell are reduced because they mix with fresh air and are diluted up to 25 times.

Fits both old and new wood burning stoves.
Remote control is possible to buy as accessory.

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Get optimal draught in your chimney and less smoke in the neighbourhood
Prevent smoke and smell nuisances with the Aduro DraftOptimizer. The smoke exhauster which creates the necessary draught in the chimney regardless of wind and weather.

Chimney sweeps estimate that 15 % of European chimneys are not capable of handling the draught from a modern wood burning stove/fireplace insert. That’s why many wood burning stove owners experience problems with bad draught in the chimney.

The typical problems are:
Problems lighting the fire
Smoke in the living room when the door is opened
Bad combustion and smoke in the neighbourhood
Aduro DraftOptimizer is the solution. The smoke exhauster is mounted on top of the chimney and ensures a constant, even draught and reduces the smoke and smell nuisances.

With Aduro DraftOptimizer you’ll get:
Less smoke out in the living room
Less smoke out of the chimney
Easy lighting of the fire
No water inside the chimney
Improved combustion – draught can be adjusted
24V engine with low energy consumption and no need for a three-point plug
Strong dilution of smoke = less smoke and smell nuisances
Made of stainless steel AISI 304