Gasket for door

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Gasket for the door. For the Aduro 9-series (except Aduro 9.6), Aduro 9 Lux-series, Aduro 17, Aduro 17.1 Lux, the hybrid stoves (except Aduro H5) and Aduro P5 and P5 LUX.

Fits the following models: Aduro 9, Aduro 9 Air, Aduro 9.1, Aduro 9.2, Aduro 9.3, Aduro 9.4, Aduro 9.5, Aduro 9.7, Aduro 9.3 LUX, Aduro 9.5 LUX, Aduro 9 LUX Beton, Aduro 9 Lux Beton, Aduro 17, Aduro H1, Aduro H2, Aduro H3 Lux, Aduro 17.1 Lux, Aduro P5, Aduro P5 Lux, Aduro P5 LUX, Aduro 9 Lux Ceramic, Aduro 9 LUX Ceramic, Aduro 9.7 Lux, Aduro 9.7 LUX, Aduro H4 Lux


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