Flow Kit

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Product Information

With this kit you can simply adjust the stove to give a higher exhaust temperature, which will improve the draft.

This flow kit is for stoves with a baffle plate in metal that is fastened to bolts.

Aduro 9 Flow kit consists of:
- 1 x exhaust deflector
- 1 x heat shield to mount on the back of the stove (do not use this on Aduro 9.3, 9.3 Lux, 9.4, 9.5, 9.5 Lux & 9.7)
- New rating plate

NB: If you have an Aduro 9 or 9.6, you can reduce the distance to combustible material behind the stove from 20 cm to 10 cm when installing the flow kit.

Fits the following models: Aduro 9, Aduro 9 Air, Aduro 9.1, Aduro 9.2, Aduro 9.3, Aduro 9.4, Aduro 9.5, Aduro 9.6, Aduro 9.7, Aduro 9.3 Lux, Aduro 9.5 Lux


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