Aduro DraftOptimizer, silver

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Product Information

Aduro DraftOptimizer is an advanced smoke exhauster that is installed on top of the chimney and ensures a constant, even draft in the chimney throughout the entire combustion. The smoke exhauster lifts the smoke in the chimney, rarefies the air up to 25 times and thereby ensures minimal smoke and smell nuisance outside.

With Aduro DraftOptimizer, you get:

  • Less smoke in the room and out of the chimney
  • Easier ignition and better combustion
  • Reduced firewood consumption by up to 20%
  • 24 V motor with a long lifespan between 40,000-70,000 hours and an efficiency around 90%
  • Low energy consumption (less than 8 euros per year when firing normally)

Aduro DraftOptimizer is available in both silver and black. See Aduro DraftOptimizer in black here  

Fits both new and old chimneys.


You can control Aduro DraftOptimizer with a remote control that makes it possible to adjust the speed and thereby control the combustion according to your needs. You can find the remote here. Note: you can also let the built-in program control the operation.


Get optimal draft in your chimney and less smoke in the neighbourhood

Chimney sweepers estimate that 15% of European chimneys are not capable of creating the necessary draft from a modern wood burning stove/fireplace. Therefore, many users of wood burning stoves experience problems due to lack of draft in the chimney.

Typical problems are:

  • Problems with ignition
  • Smoke in the room when the door is opened
  • Bad combustion
  • Smoke in the neighbourhood

With an Aduro DraftOptimizer, you can solve these problems. Read more here


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