Fresh air kit, ø80 mm

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Product Information

Aduro Fresh Air Kit creates a better air flow to your Aduro wood burning stove or hybrid stove. The fresh air kit is used for supplying the stove with fresh air from outside and directly into the stove, ensuring that there is enough combustion air - also in modern, well-insulated homes. Aduro Fresh Air Kit can be used on all models with an option for external air supply.

The kit is installed through the wall behind your stove, making it easy to hide it.

The fresh air kit consists of the following:
-1 x Ø125 mm flexible pipe (30 cm)
-1 x Ø80 mm flexible pipe (50 cm)
-1 x cover pipe made of steel (can be shortened)
-1 x anti-condensation mat
-1 x coupling for the wall
-1 x condensation gasket
-1 x grate for an external wall
-2 x clamps

Fits the following models: Aduro 9 Air, Aduro 9.3 Lux, Aduro 9.5 Lux, Aduro 15 Lux, Aduro 9 Lux Beton, Aduro 17, Aduro H1, Aduro H2, Aduro H3 Lux, Aduro 22, Aduro H5, Aduro 17.1 Lux, Aduro 22.1 Lux, Aduro 22.3 Lux, Aduro 22.5 Lux, Aduro 9 Lux Ceramic, Aduro 9.7 Lux, Aduro H4 Lux


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