Aduro-tronic I cylinder

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Product Information

Aduro-tronic cylinder for selected Aduro stoves. The cylinder controls the closing mechanism of the primary air damper. Tighten or loosen the screw on the cylinder to adjust the closing time. We recommend a closing time of six minutes. See how the cylinder is replaced and adjusted in the video.

Fits the following models: Aduro 1, Aduro 1.1, Aduro 1SK, Aduro 1.1SK/1.1SK Limestone, Aduro 3, Aduro 4, Aduro 5, Aduro 5.1, Aduro 6, Aduro 6SK, Aduro 7, Aduro 8, Aduro 9, Aduro 9 Air, Aduro 9.1, Aduro 9.2, Aduro 9.3, Aduro 9.4, Aduro 10, Aduro 11, Aduro 12, Aduro 13, Aduro 1.2, Aduro 9.6


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