Aduro Prisma Pizza Stove, black

Do you dream about making extra crispy pizza with a taste of Italy? Then make your dream come true with this pizza stove, which both gives off heat and creates a cosy atmosphere – also after you have enjoyed your pizzas.

Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven is a functional and sculptural piece of outdoor furniture which both functions as a pizza oven and a fireplace. On warm summer days, we want to cook the food where we eat it - on the terrace.

  • Real stone oven with heat-resistant stones
  • Perfect for pizza baking
  • Danish design by Torben Madsen

On the inside, the pizza oven is covered with heat-resistant stones that accumulate the heat and gives off the perfect heat for pizza baking. After igniting with small pieces of dry firewood, the embers are pushed aside, and the pizza can be baked. Alternatively, the oven can be used as an outdoor fireplace, as you can take off the front.

Product specifications
Measurements (HxWxD): 69,7 x 72 x 72 cm
Weight: 98 kg   

Get the perfect work height with Aduro Prisma Base
If you wish to get the pizza oven up in a good work height, we offer Aduro Prisma Base. The base elevates the pizza oven and lets you store your firewood in a decorative way. Note that the base is purchased separately. You can find it here.

Aduro Prisma Ash Scraper
Practical, specially designed ash scraper with built-in blow pipe that makes the pizza baking easier. Buy it here

Tips for using Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven:

-       How to make the perfect pizza 

-       How to light up the pizza oven

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