Aduro Fire Ball

Aduro Fire Ball is a beautiful and stylish fire basket in cast iron with a rustic and coarse surface.

  • Aesthetic and rustic look
  • Danish design by Casper Storm
  • Functions both as a fireplace and grill
  • Incl. grill grate
  • Easy to use
  • Creates fun and cosy experiences for both adults and children

Aduro Fire Ball works as the perfect gathering point for the whole family. You can enjoy the heat from the fire while the children are roasting marshmallows and baking bread twists. With a fireplace in the garden, you can get even more out of those long, bright summer evenings in the company of family and friends. The fire basket does not weigh more than you can easily move it around in the garden.

More than bread twists and marshmallows

This is the basis of the book “Fastfood” by the chef Martin Ib. The cookbook contains recipes with grilled fish, crab bisque and lamb culotte. All cooked on Aduro Fire Ball. No matter if it is snacks, dinner or dessert, firepit cooking is something we do together.  

Product specifications 

Material: black cast iron
Measurements: Ø47 cm / H: 25 cm
Weight: 17,5 kg

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